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Description:Brass Ferrule Valve M.F
Sandblasted Surface
1/2" 3/4" 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2"

1.Valve is used for preventing the back-going of medium in pipelines and equipments, and the pressure of medium will bring the result of opening and closing automatically.When the medium is back-going, valve disc will automaticaly closed to avoid accidents.

2.Working Temp: 100
Working Pressure: PN10 or PN16
Suitable Media: Water,Steam,Oil ect. Not recommended for Steam

3.Bolted cover,Two-piece or three-piece Body,Full or Reduced bore, Blowout Proof Stem Fire safe and Anti static Dual seat with injection and darin& outlet
ASTE A216WCB,A351 CF8,A351 CF8M, A351 CF3,A351 CEF3M,A351 CN7M Standards comploance

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