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Angle Valves

1/2 in. CS x 3/8 in. OD Comp. Angle 1/4-Turn Chrome Stop
compress inlet/FIP inlet/Sweat Inlet/Retrofit CPVC Inlet

Brass Angle Valve; Brass Plumbing Valve; Brass Genius Valve
Brass Angle Valve with Chrome plated polished ;with zinc alloy polished hand wheel
Brass Angle Valve with FIP MIP Compression connector; USA type Angle Valve with Flare connector 3/8" 1/4" 1/2" 3/4"
Straight Valve. Angle Valve Meet NSF61 Standard Low Lead; Plumbing Valve
Heavy Duty Bar Stock Construction ;Stainless steel or Nylon Riser for complete leak-Free Connection
Plumbing shut off Valves; Straight shut off Valves 1/4 Turn
2 way or 3 way shut off valves 1/2 FIP X 3/8 Flare

Technical Requirement:
Before assembling, all parts should be clean, no oil or grease, remove all burrs and sharp edges.
Before connecting, body cap male thread should be coated with sealing glue.
Handle turn or close freely.
After assembling, test by water at pressure no less than 0.6MPA, no leakage.

For Compression Connection
1. Clean and Remove all Burrs from the inside and outside of copper tubing. Be sure that the tube is round.
2. Place compression nuts over supply tube, Threads facing out. Place compression sleeve onto supply Tube.
3. Using Two wrenches (One on compression nuts and one on the Valve body) Tighten compression nuts onto stop Valve body. Do not use thread seal tape. Be sure that the copper tube is inserted all way into stop valve. Us cloth or tape to protect chrome finish on stop valve. Tighten securely.
4. Check for leaking
For Female IPS Compression
1. Place thread seal over clean threads.
2. Screw stop valve onto pipe and tighten secure while threading the stop valve to avoid creating leaks behind walls. Us cloth or tape to protect chrome finish on stop Valve
3. Check for leaks.

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