Ningbo Western Valves Co.,Ltd. is specialized in producing and exporting of all kinds of pipe fitting, brass valve, bibcock, Plumbing products, sanitary accessory and water meter etc. Our company is located at one of the biggest open seaport city Ningbo, near the airport and have highway passing by.It would be very useful of the convenient transportation for trade.

They are absorbed the quintessence of the products in the same line in the current world market and meet the demands of all customers form home and abroad. Our products are rational in design, advanced in technology, high quality in selected materials, various in specifications, reliable in sealing, beautiful in outlooking and sturdy and durable in characteristics.

Ningbo Western Valves Co.,Ltd. has assets under management in excess of US $1,300,000 and covers an area of 8,000 square meters. We have 130 employees and an annual output of 3000 tons with a complete set of imported inspection equipments.Our products include all kinds of fittings,such as soldering joint copper fittings,compression & threaded brass fittings;all kinds of the brass valve,such as brass ball valve,gate valve,stop valve ,angle valve,check valve,gate valve.;all kinds of the bibcock,water meter. Our products could meet the American standard ANSI/ASME B16.22-2001, European Community's standard EN1254-1, British standard BS864-2 ..and German standard DIN2856.

We aim at "Improve the quality with our moral standing, let our WESTERN cover all over the world" and sincerely hope to build up friendly, cooperative and beneficiary relations with all clients.

Our Products:
valves, brass ball valve, brass control valve, ball valve, forging valve, forged valve, pump valve, plumbing valve, thread valve, casting valve, ball cock valve, brass valve, shut off valve, flange ball valve, mixing ball valve, sanitary ball valve, hydraulic valve, three way valve, 2 piece valve, three pieces valve, industrial valve, bronze valve, bronze ball valve, worcester ball valve, apollo ball valve, plug valve, valve actuator, shower valve, full port valve, solder valve, plastic ball valve, welding valve, ball check valve, welded ball valve, ball float valve, flanged ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, bronze ball valve, union ball valve, actuated ball valve, brass gate valve, forging gate valve, casting gate valve, gate valve, casting gate valve, forged gate valve, bleed valve, plastic gate valve, solder gate valve, solder gate valve, welding gate valve, c x c gate valve, threaded gate valve, plumbing gate valve, pump gate valve, flow valve, wedge gate valve, bronze gate valve, api gate valve, actuator valve, gate ball valve, brass angle valve, angle valve, forging angle valve, casting angle valve, sanitary angle valve, mix angle valve, brass stop valve, stop valve, stop check valve, bronze stop valve, welded stop valve, solder stop valve, barded stop valve, forging stop valve, casting stop valve, pneumatic stop valve, plumbing stop valve, brass check valve, wafer check valve, check valve, single check valve, check valve tap, spring check valve, swing check valve, foot valve, brass foot valve, vertical check valve, horizontal check valve, brass float valve, forged check valve, brass y strainer, y strainer, brass strainer, solder check valve, threaded check valve, casting check valve, brass ferrules valve, ferrules valve, zinc alloy ferrule, brass ferrule, brass radiator valve, heating radiator, radiator valve, radiator, heating valve, air condition valve, brass adapter valve, adapter, electrical radiator, forging radiator valve, heater control valve, pressure valve, shower valve, mixing valve, hydraulic radiator valve, pneumatic radiator valve, motorized valve, radiator, radiator cap, heat radiator, radiator hose, radiator heat, towel radiator, water radiator, radiator heater, thermostatic radiator valve, automatic radiator valve, remote radiator valve, bathroom radiator valve, electrical radiator valve, aluminum radiator, brass mini valve, mini valve, forging mini valve, forged mini valve, pump valve, plumbing valve, thread valve, air valve, gas mini valve, sanitary mini valve, hydraulic valve, 2 piece valve, plastic gas valve, pneumatic mini valve, bronze mini valve, union mini valve, boiler valve, brass gas valve, brass pneumatic valve, drain valve, gas valve, exhaust valve, gas ball valve, gas control valve, pneumatic control valve, pneumatic valve, manifold valve, tank valve, flange valve, flanged gas valve, taco valve, worcester valve, boiler tank valve, vacuum valve, nozzle valve, gas boiler valve, taco flanged valve, brass fitting, tube fitting, pipe fitting, fitting, forged fitting, forging fitting, hose fitting, hydraulic fitting, compression fitting, hardware fitting, bronze fitting, copper fitting, solder fitting, welding fitting, plumbing fitting, pump fitting, shower fitting, air fitting, npt fitting, barb fitting, pvc fitting, sanitary fitting, bar fitting, casting fitting, boiler fitting, wheel fitting, dump valve fitting, gas fitting, bathroom fitting, bulk head fitting, pneumatic fitting, door fitting, window fitting, pex fitting, pp fitting, brass pex fitting, brass pvc fitting, brass bibcock, bibcock, bib tap, hose bibcock, hose tap, bibcock valve, long lever bibcock, t handles bibcock, forged bibcock, forging bibcock, 2 piece bibcock, brass angle bibcock, zinc alloy bibcock, brass lockable bibcock, brass stop bibcock, hose union bibcock, bib tap, hose cock, hose bibcock, hose tap, wash machine tap, water meter, iron water meter, brass water meter, hot water meter, cold water meter, prepaid water meter, intelligent water meter, smart water meter, electronic water meter, electrical valve, electric valve, motorized valve, remote control valve, electrical faucet, electric tap, motorized tap, remote control faucet, automatic valve, hose, hydraulic hose, pneumatic hose, flexible hose, wave hose, knitted hose, sanitary hose, pvc knitted hose, air hose, garden hose, aluminum hose, metal hose, pvc hose, water hose, air hose, boiler hose, gas hose, shower hose, high pressure hose, braided hose, hose connector, hose barb, nozzle hose, weld hose, plastic hose, plumbing hose, pump hose, pipe hose, pressure hose, hose bib cock
taps, brass bibcock, brass bibcock, bibcock tap, brass ball bibcock with lock, brass bibcock brass, water meter, water meter, water meter, water meter, water meter, water meter, brass double cip, pvc hose, flexible hose, stainless steel single, knitted hose, flexible hose, hydraulic hose, ball valve, check valve, oem fitting, radiator valve, water meter, ball valve, angle valve, gate valve, ball valve, check valve, plumbing fitting, stop valve, stop valve, stop valve, brass ball valve, stop valve, brass valve, check valve, brass ball valve, ball valve, radiator valve, check valve, check valve, plumbing fitting, ball valve, check valve, oem fitting, compression fitting, plumbing fitting, fitting, valve, check valve, art bibcock, zinc bibcock, water meter, ball valve, stop valve, mini valve, ball valve, stop valve, brass ball valve, brass mini valve, mini valve, brass gate valve, brass gate valve, plumbing valve, forged valve, brass angle valve, plumbing valve, brass stop valve, stop valve factory, ball valve, float valve, rass check valve, china valve manufacturer, radiator valve, brass mini valve, brass flange ball valve, gas valve, brass plumbing fitting, bronze copper fitting, bronze copper fitting, brass plumbling fitting, plumbing fittings, brass compression fitting, nipple, america flare fitting, brass fittings, bronze fitting, bronze fitting

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